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This is the last group of Icons for episode 104 Thirty-Eight Minutes. They are all available for the taking. All of the orignial screencaps are from Gateworld-- many thanks.

Carson Front View 104Carson Front View 104

Carson Front View Smaller 104Carson Front View Smaller 104

Carson in Grey Square 104Carson in Grey Square 104

Carson Almost Profile 104Carson Almost Profile 104

Carson in Brown Square 104Carson in Brown Square 104

Elizabeth Against Light Blue Square 104Elizabeth Against Light Blue Square 104

Aiden Saving John 104Aiden Saving John 104

Teyla Saving John 104Teyla Saving John 104

John Close-Up 104John Close-Up 104

Teyla and Aiden Saving John 104Teyla and Aiden Saving John 104

Teyla and John  Against Dark Blue 104Teyla and John Against Dark Blue 104

Teyla and John  Against Light Blue 104Teyla and John Against Light Blue 104

John With Bug 104John With Bug 104

John and Bug Second View 104John and Bug Second View 104

Aiden Saving John's Life Pink Frame 104Aiden Saving John's Life Pink Frame 104

John and Bug close-up 104John and Bug close-up 104

John and Bug from flashback 104John and Bug from flashback 104

John Unconscious 104John Unconscious 104

Radek Zelenka Helping 104Radek Selenka Helping 104

Wow... pretty!!

Date: 2009-11-21 06:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] momcat09.livejournal.com
I especially like the ones where the character's coming out of the frame... nice job!

Re: Wow... pretty!!

Date: 2009-11-21 08:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sporangia.livejournal.com
As you can see I reworked the 'Teyla Saving John icon' and centered it correctly, which meant I had to repaint the background. It was a lot of work for a few pixels, but that annoying voice in my head would have kept saying.... it isn't centered you ass--fix it. So I did.

Vala made a comment about the 'Teyla and Aiden saving John' icon, and now I need to fix that. I lifted it out of the screencap centered it as it was, but it's not quite right. With a little touch up I can draw in Aiden's elbow and then have them free standing clear of the frame. The screencap caught them in a beautiful pyramidal stance all I had to do was take out the background.

I like framing images, especially images we see from the TV frame, I like to play with fourth-wall-breakage as a visual commentary and metaphor on the subject. It's part of what I was writing about in our icon discussion and the principles can be used for many kinds of art not just icons.

I was reading all your vacation commentaries again, at the time I didn't have time to respond to them but I'm going to add some comments. I just can't write as fast as you can. But I loved how you captured all the immediacy of what we were doing and all the loving details. It locks everything into memory.

The Saeob gathering last night was wonderful, as always. I enjoyed both Red-haired gal's and your comments on the new Prisoner mini-series, I can't wait to see it, even if it is wery wery weird. I need to go to Walmart today and buy the 'Star Trek' DVD before the price goes up, I also need to exchange some Christmas lights that I purchased for the store. I'm putting it off as long as possible because I know it is going to be a zoo over there.


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