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I am finding the fannish discussions about story feedback very interesting.  I'm paying attention because I've been a lurker for quite awhile and my excuse has been 'necessary' silence until I get a sense of what fandom is like today.  And since fandom is pretty much the same as in past decades I can no longer keep using that excuse.  The problem is that I still think of fandom as just a few people. And since my  fan-nest came on line with me, I still think of fandom as local, small and face-to-face.  This is a very dangerous illusion considering the immense size of fandom today-- I have no idea who is reading this post or even how many people are active in SGA fandom. 

Trying to get a sense of what to write and what to avoid writing in my journal is a strange compartmentalization process. I waver back and forth between casual and  quasi-formal style depending on whether I'm flocked or not.  

I have always been more comfortable doing artwork than doing writing.   Primarily because artwork is easy and writing is difficult.  The dyslexia makes writing laborious and makes any kind of spontaneous outpouring in words impossible.  I normally run every entry and comment through the spell check at least seven times, sometimes double that, correcting spelling takes twice the amount of time that the original writing takes.  Many of the words I can't spell are so mangled that even spell check doesn't help.   So because my burn-time for commenting is limited  I must ration out who get the comments and that's my dilemma.  Do I skip commenting if the author already has lots of feedback?  I admit to doing that and I feel  what I say isn't important and will just add more confetti into the air.   I mean this only about my comments, not about anyone else's comments.   

What the current discussions have taught me is that even short comments are treasured, and that confetti storms are good.  Most of my early fanworks were done when there were no easy methods for commenting so there wasn't any feedback...... that's why the feedback issue is new to me and  the proper etiquette for commenting isn't always obvious, so I appreciate all the discussion.

I tend to comment on stories that intrigue me, I particularly like experimental styles and unique perspectives.  Since I've been reading fanfiction for forty years I have an appetite for the unusual.  And I must admit to favoring those stories for feedback  I am going to make a better effort to leave more comments everywhere.  Thanks everyone for making we wake up to this.
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