Jan. 28th, 2009

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I am a member of a Star Trek gourmet group. We meet every Friday evening for dinner. I can't remember exactly when I started as a regular probably about 1986, but the club existed quite awhile before that. Last Friday we ate at the Cove. I keep ordering the same Caribbean shrimp shrimp dish evey time I go--I should be experimenting but I'm in a rut right now. It's a 10 week rotation of restaurants, I usually I do all the calling and rezzing. I hate waiting, so after I kept complaining they drafted me as the organizer.

Owl52, wezan, Vala3 and elemgi were their as well as the usual gang. I was asking elemgi about Stargate Atlantis recs, she's a much faster reader then I am and told me several years ago I should read the Stargate Atlantis fanfiction. She sent me Speranza's 'Written by the Victors' and I really enjoyed it. At the time I had not seen the show so I read it as a SF novel. Last October Vala3 and I went to the mountain house for leaf change, and she brought along season 1 and 2 of Stargate Atlantis. She hooked me, paying back an old debt of when I hooker her on Star Trek fan fiction in 1979.

I am very lucky in that many of my SF friends still live near by. Some of us have been discussing and bitching about fanfiction since 1974. So our perspective is long and deep. elemgi said I should post some of the early K/S essays as an insight into how the first slashers thought about the concept. I 'm still thinking about that.

I've conned wezan into doing some artwork, and Vala3 has also said yes. Wezan is going to do some chip art for my userpick, I asked her for a Rodney and John.

We had a very weird discussion about what color season John belongs in. Because she's going to do pen and inks, and eventually go into photoshop or paintshop with the line work. But she asked me about his color pallet. I really think he is an autumn, mainly because of his hazzel eyes and the golden tones in his skin. I will have to pay more attention to the shades of gray and blue the costumers are putting on him. This falls under all the weird things you need to consider when you draw characters and colorize the clothing. But if you get it right the character and drawing makes more sense.

Wezan doesn't like to draw from photographs, she prefers to create character templates and then work from those. It's interesting and a relief from all the photo manips.

Besides fan fiction I'm rereading "Changes in the Land" by William Cronon and I just started "Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82" "Changes in the Land is a book everyone should read it came out in the early eighties and totally changed my way of looking at the natural world.

I saw a neat book about parasites at the bookstore today,  I'm going to buy and read it to get a scientfic handle on the Wraith.

I'm writing some Stargate character studies and I've made a few attempts at story writing. Whether anything will be interesting enough to publish is unknown at this point.

I just ordered season 1 and 2 of Stargate Atlantis and will be watching the entire four season's(DVD's) in order making notes as I go looking for interesting jumping off places for stories.

The final episode has created quite a quandry in introducing the idea that a person who has died (Ronon) can be brought back to life and interrogated. This puts a whole different spin on Sheppard's mercy killing? of Sumner. As well as validating Sheppard's 'leave no one behind' philosophy as a military necessity.   This alone would make a cool story when Sheppard grasps the significance. Which wouldn't take him long. My guess is that this leaves holes in certain earlier episodes. This is one of the things I will be looking for when I re-watch the first two seasons. 

Sorry about the bad spelling.  I can't figure out how to work the LJ spell check. 



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