Sep. 26th, 2009

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Well Momcat I think Photoshop is going to drive me nuts.  I keep thinking I'm finished with my basic introduction to the program, and then I discover another level of possibilities, commands and madness.   It's like caves, underneath caves, underneath caves, a bottomless morass.  But I have achieved my summer goal of being able to use it.  I'm working out some interesting structural icon bases, I will post them if they look okay.  I'm pretty sure the scanner is not going to work, so I might need tech help with that, and I have a few more photoshop questions.   I have art I need to scan and then colorize--Ann_Tara's and Tzzzz's pieces.  

I enjoyed the meal at the Cove last night and the chocolate cake and ice cream was yummy.  It is totally unfair that you order sweet-potato fries so I won't steal them.    Next  week the cuisine of choice is Mexican, I'm not sure where we are going yet, but I will call everyone at the usual time.

I was telling Ann_Tara what a bust my television watching has become.  The one show I really wanted to see the Castle season opener, I missed.   Ann_Tara says it will be streamed at the network, so when I'm off work that's what I will be doing tonight.   That and watching episode three and four along with SGA rewind. 

It appears Vala is getting into Supernatural, I'm going to give it another try too.   It's all Ann_Tara's fault her descriptions and analysis of the episodes are soooooo tempting.  I asked her today if I could skip the first two seasons and jump in at three and four.  The short answer was--No.  So I feel another time sump coming on. 

Work is calming down and I'm catching up on my sleep.   I've been on a creative burst since the middle of summer and I hate to let it go.   I also want to get back to the jewelry making and avoid house cleaning as long as possible.     I will be posting the rest of the icons for Hide and Seek and 38 Minutes soon.  I went way over-board on the 38 Minutes icons but I learned quite a few new techniques.  


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