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This is the second batch of SGA Icons for Thirty Eight Minutes.  There will be one more group for this episode, posted as soon as I finish retouching them.  I am including four Icons in larger size, one is from a previous post,  an Icon that I happen to like and three from this group.  I am continuing to experiment with different styles and approaches to Icon design.  If anyone has any requests please let me know what you want. 

Atlantis Long Shot 104Atlantis Long Shot 104

Carson With Highlights 104Carson With Highlights 104

Elizabeth Against Stripes 104Elizabeth Against Stripes 104

Elizabeth Facing Left, Stripes 104Elizabeth Facing Left, Stripes 104

Ford Shooting Bug 104Ford Shooting Bug 104

Ford Worried Close-Up 104Ford Worried Close-Up 104

John Temporarily Dead Bug Removed 104John Temporarily Dead Bug Removed 104

John With Bug Trying to Be Brave 104John With Bug Trying to Be Brave 104

John Close-Up Tan Square 104John Close-Up Tan Square 104

John With Eyes Closed with Bug 104John With Eyes Closed with Bug 104

John With Bug, Bug Wants His Dog-Tags 104John With Bug, Bug Wants His Dog-Tags 104

John Facing Wraith, Bug is Attached 104John Facing Wraith, Bug is Attached 104

Teyla and John in Rose Square 104Teyla and John in Rose Square 104

Rodney Watching John 104Rodney Watching John 104

Rodney Strange Picture Interesting Shirt 204Rodney Strange Picture Interesting Shirt 204

Saving John's Life 104Saving John's Life 104

John Facing the Wraith, Blue with White Outline 104John Facing the Wraith, Blue with White Outline 104

Teyla, One of My Favorite 104Teyla, One of My Favorite 104

Teyla Worried 104Teyla Worried 104

Radek at Work 104Radek at Work 104




Look out world, here she comes!

Date: 2009-10-07 01:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] momcat09.livejournal.com
Ya done good..!! You're definitely getting better control over the program... I'd say that with this batch of work, you've just about outgrown the right to complain about computers, kid.. you're definitely geting there..!

Re: Look out world, here she comes!

Date: 2009-10-07 03:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sporangia.livejournal.com
Thanks for your encouragement. This batch was harder than the previous ones because the screencaps were much less ideal. This is the 4th episode of the show, and also the first major character interaction episode. A lot of the action takes place in a confined space, there were lots of good face shots to build icons from. This was an especially good episode for Teyla, Aiden and Elizabeth but not so good for Rodney. The lighting artists who lit this episode, gave me great help with better effects. And I think some of the make-up especially for Elizabeth was much improved.

The top large icon (Sheppard being revived), is a terrible icon visually but it is a very important scene for fans. So I tried to make it as clean as I could. I took a character out of the foreground and de-cluttered the area around Sheppard's head to simplify the image. It is still too muddy. I'm not sure the icon-sized graphic is readable. The floor is all cloned in, and not a very good job, but considering I did it without a grid, it came out okay. And at Icon size no one will notice the bad cloning.

John kneeling in front of the Wraith was another terrible screencap. I could only do so much with it, but it is a compelling image and needed to be included. There were several other images I just couldn't make work. I'm hoarding them in a separate file to try again when I understand this program better.

The real challenge is how to present characters in the middle-distance and have them recognizable. I've only just started working on those difficult icons. I'm also leaving spaces within some of them to include type. That's a whole other level of complication.

After I post the next batch I'm going to take a short break from icons and do some writing. Vacation writing sounds wonderful to me right now. I am packing some more before I go to bed tonight, I'm slowly getting things organized. I will call you later.
Edited Date: 2009-10-07 11:00 pm (UTC)


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