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Psilotum Nudum is my favorite fern, and my favorite plant. It is commonly called the whisk fern and is unusual because it has no leaves.

This journal is primarly a fan journal, and reflects my renewed interest in SGA and Star Trek. I am a long time fan-fiction fan, writer and illustrator and am enjoying reading all the new fanfiction for Star Trek Reboot, and for Stargate Atlantis. Whether I will attempt any new fan fiction writing of my own is uncertain, but I am making icons for SGA fandom and will be posting artwork from time to time as the mood strikes me.

All my Icons are are up for grabs, and can be modified as the user wishes, permission is not necessary, and credit to me is optional. Many of the icons have been intentionally designed to have type added to them. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy my fanworks.

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19th century fiction, alternative comics, art, azaleas, bird flight theory, book collecting, castle, darwin studies, dinosaur extinction, extreme weather, fan fiction, fantasy novels, feminist literary theory, ferns, gardening, graphic design, history of literacy, human migration theory, hurricanes and tornadoes, jewelry making, literary criticism, literature, lord of the rings, medieval history, mega-fauna extinction theories, native plants, origins of modern sf, photography, poetry, science fiction, science fiction movies, shakespeare and his era, star trek, stargate atlantis, writing
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